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Chili Feed Fundraiser- Fun had by all!

On Saturday February 2nd the Irondale booster club hosted a fundraiser at Cowboy Jacks. The boys took turns serving chili, selling tickets, handing out bracelets, and cleaning up tables. Thank you Cowboy Jacks for your generosity! And thank you to all that supported the Boys high school hockey team!

Chase Kvaal, Kevin Kvaal, Tyler Chamberlain, Darby Hanson serving chili

Who wouldn't want chili from this good lookin crew!

Make sure they washed their hands! Oh good their wearing gloves!

Tickets, get your tickets only $10. They rocked it!

Kaasa celebrating victory, #1 wrist band placement champions!

They are pumped to serve you some chili! Would you like some crackers with that?

Who can fill up the cup the fastest? Ready, Set, GO!

Host with most! Great job greeting our customers!

Wrist band crew! No wrist band No chili. Tough looking boys!

2nd place raffle ticket! Don't worry we will find you!

3rd place winner. Just Jody! Glad you bought a ticket Wednesday night aren't ya!

Coach Hayes and Coach Fagerlee!

1st prize - SUPER FAN DICK! Biggest supporter of the Foley family!

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